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Critical Errors to Avoid When Buying Garage Cabinets

Getting garage cabinets can make a huge difference in how well you organise your space. These storage ideas can help you clear up your space, maintain your equipment and tools in order, and make your workspace more useful and effective.

They might help hide some of the mess, but they’re made for the garage’s harsh temperatures and other needs. Getting the right kinds of cabinets for the garage can solve many problems for years.

But buying garage cabinets is more challenging than it might seem. A lot of people make big mistakes when they buy these cabinets. This guide will show you what those mistakes are and how to prevent them.

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The Errors You Are Making Regarding Garage Storage

Is there always a lot of chaos in your garage? Do you want to park your vehicle in the garage but need help because toys, tools, and trash are all over the floor? To make things worse, garages become storage spaces for things that don’t belong anywhere else in the house. This is because “out of sight, out of mind” is a big part of garage storage. 

Another frequent explanation for why homeowners have dreadful dreams about getting out from under hills of garage clutter is that they need to learn how to use the storage solutions that are available correctly.

Guessing Without Measuring

You know you’d like garage cabinets and have room for them. Some people think buying cabinets online is all they need to do to get them placed. Put another way, you don’t measure the space because you think they can. 

This is the first mistake. You might end up with a storage system you don’t like if you guess instead of measuring. They may only fit some, leaving you with extra cabinets. What if things go wrong? You may need more space for storage, too.

Getting every measurement from the garage might seem like a lot of work. But it needs to be done. That should be taken care of immediately so that you are pleased with what you bought later.

Your Cabinets Should Withstand a Garage’s Harsh Conditions

Your garage cabinets will be hit by heavy, wet, and rough things that will damage them over time. So, if you want to build storage units in your garage, use heavy-duty cabinet materials. Homeowners who choose thinner, cheaper pressboards will have to make more investments in their garage repeatedly. Your cabinet sides should be ¾” inch thick, and the shelves, bottoms, and tops should be 1″ inch thick.  

Your Garage Walls and Ceiling Are Empty.

You can see the ceiling and walls of your garage but not the floor. After that, we have a trouble. People don’t use their garage walls and ceilings to their full potential because they need to learn about all the useful garage storage tools to help them keep their garage safe and free of clutter. 

By putting in custom garage cabinets and overhead racks, you can clear out the floor and store things that you don’t use as often or are only used during certain times of the year. Depending on what you spend on cabinetry on the walls and overhead racks, you can double or even triple the space you have in your garage.

Choosing Cheap Brands

If you want to save money in the garage, consider selecting the least expensive cabinets you will find. The kinds of brands you weren’t aware of and that only have a few reviews on the web. 

It will look like this saves you money at first. But most people who buy cheap cabinets regret it in the long run. They discover they don’t last long and might be wrong for storage needs.

So, you should resist the urge to save money. We’re not telling you to spend much money to be happy. Instead, do some research and pick companies that have a good name.

Consider the Screws Used

Those strong “Confirmat” screws hold our cabinets together. Because of this, our cabinets are more stable than those in Cam Locks or other less-than-stellar fasteners. Confirmation screws are made to be used with materials made from processed wood. Cheap do-it-yourself furniture from box stores or closet cabinets are often held together with cam locks.

You’ve Neglected Your Garage Floor

Broken and chipped concrete floors stained with oil and covered in smelly, sticky chemical spills are the worst thing to happen to a well-kept garage. Even the cleanest and most organised garages will look good if the concrete floors have been treated. 

Also, putting rubber mats or old carpet pieces over dirty, cracked concrete floors is unsafe. If you slip on a worn-out flooring or a mat, you could hit the hard floor and break your arm or worse. On the other hand, cleaning neglected concrete floors with harsh cleaners, scouring, sandblasting, and even flame cleaning is very hard on the body.

Not Paying Attention to the Material

Remember that the garage is different from other parts of your house. The temperature can change a lot, so it can get hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. There is a chance that the garage will get wet, which is sometimes unavoidable. Most people don’t think this is a problem when they store their cars here. It is something you’ll have to think about, though, if you want to store other things.

You should pay careful attention to what garage cabinets are made of when you buy them. These steps ensure they can keep your things safe and handle temperature changes. 

No one wants to spend a lot of cash on cabinets that won’t last long. Steel is one of the most effective things to look for. This is sufficiently sturdy to hold everything you own, and it won’t rot like timber or other pieces of furniture.

Your Cabinet Will Not Tear or Fall of the Wall.

It’s not enough to have a strong cabinet. Part two is sticking the cabinet to the wall and ensuring it stays there so it doesn’t fall and hurt cars or, worse, you or any family member. So, we can use robust, all-steel building hardware and 4″ connection screws that can hold more than 250 pounds each.

FAQs About Garage  Storage

Are garage cabinets worth it?

Ensuring that your screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and other tools are stored in drawers and behind doors in your garage cabinets is another way to make them last longer. They will be less likely to be exposed to dirt, dust, and water that can cause rust. A garage cabinet system keeps your tools in order and out of the way of dirt, dust, and water.

What should garage cabinets be made of?

Metal is a great material to use often, like when you need strong cabinets that can handle a lot of use. Metal garage storage cabinets are usually made of long-lasting steel or aluminium. They are made to be strong and reliable while continuing to look good in your garage.

Is plywood good for garage cabinets?

What kind of hardwood plywood you employ for your garage cabinets and shelves will depend on how you want them to look and what they need to do. It has already been said that hardwood plywood is an excellent option when the final look of the fixtures is important.

Do steel garage cabinets rust?

Today’s metal garage storage cabinets have a clean look and a beautiful, modern look. If you buy metal cabinets, most of them are made from aluminium or stainless steel. This means they won’t rust and will last for years.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

The surface is porous, which means it can let water in, which is bad. Mould, mildew, and other unpleasant things can grow in cabinets in these places. This could cause steel tools to rust and important papers to be destroyed. A simple fix is to move the cabinets off the ground.

How Important Are Construction Materials, Durability, and Appearance?

The most important thing determining how long your cabinet system lasts is the materials used to make it. The quality of the building materials and the work that goes into making your cabinet system will also affect how well it works. How easily can you open and close the cabinet doors and drawers?

Refrain from skimming on the calibre of the materials you use to build your cabinets. It would help if you used steel, but be careful about where it’s sourced from. Steel made in other countries is often recycled, rusts more quickly, and doesn’t last as long as the better-quality steel used in all garage cabinets.

When designing garage cabinets, you should also consider how tough the garage environment is. This includes changes in temperature and moisture.

How to Keep Your Garage Organised

Don’t Neglect Vertical Space 

One common reason garages could be more organised and more manageable is that people try to store all that on the floor instead of using the space up high. Putting things on the floor makes it look messy and takes up space, but it can also hurt someone if they trip and hit something. 

You can double or even triple the storage space by putting the racks, shelves, and hooks on the garage walls and ceilings. This will give you more room for your car and make it less likely that it will get damaged from being on the floor. 

Things with wheels, like skateboards and bikes, should be hung up. The same goes for garden tools, like rakes, shovels, and other hoes. Add shelves and put sports gear, toys, and intermittent gear in marked bins. The rafters are a good place to store things you don’t use often, like holiday decorations. 

Organise Garage Clutter

Clean the floor and give it a good after-over with a sweeper or shop vac. Watch out for these things too:

  • The webs
  • Insect or oil stains
  • Anything that looks like a furry or flying animal may have moved into your home
  • Small things like nails and other things on the floor

As you clean, start getting rid of things by throwing away anything that you recognise right off the bat (yes, our organisers have found either alive or corpses of bats in garages). So you won’t be dealing with it when you’re cleaning up and deciding what to keep and throw away.

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Keep the Right Things in the Garage

Putting things in the garage that should be kept elsewhere is another common reason they get too crowded. Some things should be outside the garage, particularly if it’s not heated or cooled. For example, family photos should be kept from where they could get damaged by rain or too much heat.

Plan Garage Storage

Look at the storage space in your garage and start putting things where they belong. Here are some simple (and free) ways to make your garage bigger for storage: 

  • If kids are in the house, ensure that chemicals and tools that could hurt them are kept in a locked cabinet.
  • Buy the right things or use what you already have.

Don’t buy an organising system for your garage; combine it to see if it corresponds to all your stuff. Instead, cautiously plan your storage space. Start by putting things like shelves and an appropriate step stool in your garage. Start with the fundamentals and add to them as you observe fit.

Sort Out Your Garage and Don’t Make These Mistakes

We all put off washing our garages, but when we do, we make typical storage mistakes, which swiftly become safety hazards, different from what we want to do.

After a short time, a garage can quickly become disorganised and broken. Instead, organise your garage smartly by not making these common mistakes. You’ll be glad you did it.


When buying garage cabinets, it is essential to avoid several mistakes. These include estimating the space without measuring, relying on guessing instead of measuring, using heavy-duty cabinet materials, not using empty garage walls and ceilings, choosing cheap brands, and considering the screws used.

To avoid clutter, it is crucial to measure the space and choose cabinets that can withstand the harsh conditions of the garage. Heavy-duty cabinet materials should be used, with sides and shelves being 1 inch thick. Custom garage cabinets and overhead racks can help maximize the space in the garage.

Choosing cheap brands may seem like a savings tactic, but it may not be the best choice for long-term storage needs. Research and choose companies with a good reputation. Confirmat screws are more stable than Cam Locks, and using cheap do-it-yourself furniture from box stores or closet cabinets is not recommended.

Lastly, it is crucial to treat your garage floor properly to prevent damage and ensure safety. Avoid using rubber mats or old carpet pieces over dirty, cracked floors, as they can be dangerous and damaging to the body. By following these steps, you can ensure a well-organized and functional garage.

Garage cabinets are essential for keeping your belongings safe and able to handle temperature changes. To ensure durability, consider the material used, such as steel, which is sturdy enough to hold everything and won’t rot like timber or other furniture. To prevent damage, use robust, all-steel building hardware and 4″ connection screws that can hold more than 250 pounds each.

Construction materials, durability, and appearance are crucial factors in determining the longevity of your cabinet system. Choose quality materials like steel, but be cautious about where it’s sourced. Consider the tough garage environment, including temperature and moisture changes.

Organize your garage by not neglecting vertical space, storing items on the walls and ceilings, hanging up wheels, and storing sports gear in marked bins. Clean the floor and dispose of any debris, such as webs, insects, or nails. Keep the right things in the garage, such as family photos, outside the garage, especially if it’s not heated or cooled.

Plan garage storage by placing items where they belong, such as locked cabinets for kids, buying the right items or using what you already have. Start by placing shelves and stepstools in the garage and add as needed.

Organize your garage smartly by not making common storage mistakes, as they can quickly become safety hazards. By organizing your garage wisely, you’ll be glad you did.

Content Summary

  • Buying garage cabinets can greatly enhance organisation in your space.
  • These cabinets are specifically designed for the garage’s harsh conditions.
  • Choosing the right garage cabinets can provide long-term solutions.
  • Many individuals make errors when purchasing these cabinets.
  • Garages often end up as storage for miscellaneous items.
  • Properly utilising available storage solutions can combat garage clutter.
  • Guessing dimensions instead of accurately measuring is a critical error.
  • Incorrect measurements can lead to unnecessary extra cabinets.
  • It’s essential to measure your garage thoroughly before purchasing cabinets.
  • Cabinets should be robust enough to handle garage conditions.
  • Using thinner, cheaper materials will require frequent replacements.
  • The ideal cabinet sides are ¾ inch thick, while shelves should be 1 inch thick.
  • Many homeowners neglect the storage potential of garage walls and ceilings.
  • Custom cabinets and overhead racks can maximise your storage space.
  • Using cheap, unknown brands may seem cost-effective but can lead to regrets.
  • Research and opt for reputable brands when buying cabinets.
  • The quality of screws used in cabinets matters for durability.
  • “Confirmat” screws are ideal for processed wood materials.
  • Avoid using cam locks, commonly found in cheap DIY furniture.
  • Neglected and damaged garage floors can detract from an organised space.
  • Covering damaged floors with mats or carpets can be a safety hazard.
  • Harsh cleaning methods can be physically taxing on neglected concrete floors.
  • The fluctuating temperatures in garages make material choice crucial for cabinets.
  • Steel cabinets are preferable because of their sturdiness and longevity.
  • Ensuring that cabinets are securely fixed to walls is vital for safety.
  • Using all-steel hardware and strong connection screws enhances security.
  • The materials used determine the durability and functionality of your cabinet system.
  • Imported steel might be of lesser quality than locally sourced steel.
  • Cabinets must be designed to withstand varying garage conditions.
  • Utilising vertical space is a key to efficient garage organisation.
  • Wall and ceiling racks can significantly increase storage capacity.
  • Storing items vertically reduces clutter and potential hazards on the floor.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, and garden tools should ideally be hung up.
  • Rafters are useful for storing infrequently used items like holiday decorations.
  • Periodically declutter your garage, and discard unwanted items.
  • Be vigilant about unwanted pests or contaminants in your garage.
  • Certain items, like family photos, should not be stored in uncontrolled garage climates.
  • Effective garage organisation begins with a well-thought-out plan.
  • Prioritise safety by locking away hazardous chemicals and tools.
  • Avoid impulsively buying storage systems; instead, tailor them to your needs.
  • Begin your organisation with basic storage solutions and expand as necessary.
  • Many people procrastinate in organising their garages.
  • Common storage errors can quickly transform into safety hazards.
  • A disorganised garage can become unsafe and dysfunctional over time.
  • Proactive organisation can prevent these common mistakes.
  • Garage cabinets can hide the clutter while being durable for tough conditions.
  • The “out of sight, out of mind” mentality often exacerbates garage disarray.
  • Cabinets that don’t meet the specific requirements may lead to disappointments.
  • Investing in quality materials for your garage cabinets is a long-term advantage.
  • A well-organised garage enhances functionality and safety.
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