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What Are The Different Types Of Garages?

There are many options to consider when planning a garage addition to your house, and this can make the process seem daunting. Different-sized garages provide different functions. However, attached garages are the most typical because they are joined to the main house and provide convenient access to the car.

However, some residences feature detached garages (freestanding buildings) or pole barns (a hybrid of the attached and detached varieties). Homeowners must do their homework before settling on a garage design, as each has advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be able to make an informed choice that best suits your needs with the help of this guide, which compares and contrasts different garage kinds and their key features.

Different Types Of Garages

Detached Garage Types

This is an excellent choice if you want a garage on your land that doesn’t have to be attached to anything else. The option to colour-match the outside siding ensures that no one can tell that this addition was constructed later than the rest of your home. Your garage will look unique in the neighbourhood when you cover its bare shell with siding, wood lap siding, vinyl siding, or stucco.

A detached garage is a perfect solution if your house doesn’t have a convenient spot for a garage door, or if you need help determining where you could build one on your property.

A wonderful approach to save money while still getting the garage of your dreams is to have one constructed at the same time as your house. To have a garage that fits your demands, you must use a prefab kit you can buy or hire a contractor.

Attached Garage Types

These garages are common since they are constructed simultaneously with the house and blend in well with the rest of the structure. Some homeowners use theirs as a workshop instead of parking a car and other household belongings. Although single and two-car garages are prevalent, many homeowners opt for larger garages that can accommodate three or even four cars to ensure the security of their vehicles.

Attached garages are popular with homeowners because they allow easy access to and from the house, even in inclement weather or after dark. When attached to the house, a door allows the homeowner to enter the garage without ever leaving the house. These garages are typically insulated so that the house’s temperature does not drop during the winter.

Breezeway/Portico Garage Types

If you like the convenience of an attached garage but have a separate garage close by, this is a great solution. Constructing a breezeway between the two is simple. A wide selection of designs is available for this modest extension of your home and garage.

A roof over your head or an entire enclosure can be installed to protect you from the elements while you make your way to and from the garage. This provides you with a dry, protected area to change out of your wet clothes and shoes and store your umbrella or raincoat. In this case, a detached garage offers the same benefits as an attached garage without the need to construct the garage as an integral part of the house.

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Garage Workshops

Any auto enthusiast or professional mechanic needing a dedicated workspace would benefit greatly from this. They often have standard access doors and several roll-up bay doors for bringing in and taking out vehicles. Extra outdoor gear or repair tools may be kept in this workshop if there is room, making it more convenient to work on vehicles.

Garage With Upstairs Home

A double garage on the ground level with living quarters above is a terrific way to utilise vertical space and yet have a safe location to store your vehicle, making it ideal for the landowner who wants a home but is bound by limits from municipal legislation.

This is a fantastic option for those on a tight budget because of how efficient and economical it is. Unless you hire a custom constructor, you must assemble this garage from a kit or have a handyperson or contractor do it. You’ll love the garage’s proximity to your new home and the beautiful touches like vaulted ceilings, windows on every floor, and elegant corbels.

FAQs About Garage Renovation

What Is The Best Type Of Garage To Build?

Post-frame construction is the most durable and cost-effective option if you’re building something like a garage or pole barn.

What Is The Most Common Garage?

Two-car garages: Garages designed for two cars are the most common garage size and are typically 24 feet by 22 feet. They are ideal for homeowners who have two vehicles or need additional space for storage.

What Is The Cheapest Type Of Garage?

Stainless steel garage kits with manual garage doors and no insulation are the most affordable and fastest to build. You can find these at outbuilding and shed retailers near you. On the other hand, detached garages with siding, trim and roofing that match your home will cost more.

What Is The Importance Of A Garage?

Safely Store Vehicles and Protect Belongings. An attached garage will provide protection from harsh weather and give you space to change the oil, rotate tires, and perform general maintenance on your vehicles.

What Is The Smallest Garage?

The minimum size of a one-car garage should be 10×18, but most cars will require a garage at least 12×20. If you are driving a Smart Car, then a 10×12 might work! But otherwise, even the most compact cars will require a 20-foot-long garage to fit inside comfortably.


A carport is an uncovered garage. Only a ceiling (open on the sides) and no walls. 

Portable Garages And Carports

Portable garages and carports are ideal for homeowners who need shelter for their vehicles and other outdoor equipment but want to avoid a permanent carport or garage. These structures will shield your belongings from inclement weather and keep them contained, making your yard look neat and tidy.

To prevent the eyesore that can affect property values, many community associations mandate the storage of boats, recreational vehicles, and cars under some cover. The bolted-together frames and triple-layer woven fabric covers of portable choices make them easy to set up quickly, simple to clean when necessary, and durable enough to survive for years. This prevents the need for fast and costly repairs in case of a snag or tear. Before placing an order, check with your local permit office to ensure that all necessary paperwork has been submitted for the construction of this garage.

Exterior elements like flooring, windows, and doors are not included and must be purchased separately. They are built to endure high winds and snowfall, protecting your vehicle and whatever you keep in the garage from the elements.


A barn garage is a great choice if you need space for a single car and lots of extra storage.

You can rest assured that your loft has enough space to accommodate all your stuff, and the extra space it provides will be put to better use elsewhere in your home. The barn garage will blend in with your property as if it were always there since you may select a garage door that matches the one on your house or, if you don’t have a garage yet, one similar in build and style.

The panelling is primed and ready for any paint, and because you’ll be purchasing the shingles yourself, they won’t conflict with the design of the rest of your house. Barn garages are convenient since they allow easy entry in and out without the hassle of opening and closing the massive door.

Parking Design Garage Options


Choosing the right garage size for your home can be challenging if this is your first installation. Single-car garages are inexpensive and easy to build, but they’re good for keeping your vehicle and a few odds and ends. You’ll need to have something larger constructed on your land if you need a lot of storage space or want to use your garage as a workshop. They’re helpful for many individuals because their modest footprint makes them well-suited to urban lots with limited room.

Double-Wide 2 Doors

This is the most typical garage layout, providing ample space for parking a car or cars and possibly some storage. Consider installing a double garage door if you own two or one extremely large car. While the appearance of a double garage with two single doors is appealing to many, it might be challenging to enter and exit with a large vehicle.

Double doors are more convenient than single ones for accessing large vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans. If you plan to use this area as a workshop, plan accordingly, and remember to include overhead space for the tools and supplies you need but can’t fit anywhere else.

3 Car Garage With 1 Door

Triple-wide garages lead many to believe that a minimum of three vehicles may fit within, although this is only sometimes true. A garage is an attractive and economical method to increase your property’s storage capacity or guarantee yourself a dedicated workshop.

These larger garages are convenient if you need secure indoor storage for a riding mower or have a lot of tools that need to be kept together. You can handle a lack of storage or usable space with a garage of this size.

Material Garage Styles

Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel is a lightweight garage alternative, its durability is not compromised by its light weight. Stainless steel garages are a popular choice among homeowners since they are lightweight and easy to install in a short amount of time.

The metal construction also eliminates the necessity for staining or painting because it will not rust or fade in any climate. They are particularly durable since pests like flies and rats can’t chew through them. If something happens to your garage’s exterior, you should touch the paint before rust sets in.


For outdoor gear, this is the most sought-after compact storage garage on the market. The polythene fabric and this garage’s steel frame are strong enough to withstand the harmful effects of wind and rain.

The cloth is heat-welded together at the seams, so even if there is a small rip or tear, you don’t have to worry about it being ruined. After setting up this garage, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe and sound thanks to the included hardware that keeps the building from tottering.

Vinyl Plastic Resin

Any handy homeowner willing to put in some effort to build a garage on their property would benefit greatly from considering this alternative. One of the many reasons these garages are so common is that they last for decades. They are long-lasting and resistant to decay and insects, two problems that can arise with a wooden garage.

When they get dirty, spray them with water and a mild cleaning solution. Since they come in various hues, you may pick one that stands out against the rest of your property or blends in more naturally with the surroundings.


These stunning garages can serve various purposes, including a standard garage, a place to keep lawn and garden tools, or a place to get some work done. They can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour and support heavier loads than most other garages, making them an excellent option in almost any climate. In addition, you may find wood sheds in a wide range of sizes, and they can be sided in many ways.

They can be purchased in pre-cut, do-it-yourself kits, making assembly and placement on your property a breeze. One of the main advantages of wood garages is that they may be painted or stained to match the rest of the external design of the house. While metal garages practically maintain themselves over time, wood garages need periodic repair to avoid water and insect damage and maintain their attractive appearance.

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Benefits Of Having A Garage

Protect Your Vehicle From The Weather

A home garage is one of the best ways to safeguard one of the largest investments most of us will make in our lifetimes, second only to our primary residences. Snow and sleet in the winter, blistering sunlight, and high summer temperatures can all damage your car. Keeping your automobile inside a garage protects it from the weather, allowing it to last longer and preserving its value.

Convenience & Accessibility

Have you ever had to fix dents and scratches on your car from another driver, drive around in circles trying to find a parking place close to your house, or find a parking space near your house? These are only some of the challenges you’ll face when parking on the street or a deck; all of them can be avoided by purchasing a parking spot instead.

You’ll love the convenience of never having to hunt for a parking spot and appreciate never having to lug your grocery bags more than a few paces from the car to the front door. You won’t need to leave for work a few minutes early on snowy or icy winter days to clear off your car.

Security & Safety

Parking your automobile outside leaves it vulnerable to theft or vandalism, even with today’s advanced alarm systems. Avoiding the hassle of filing an insurance claim and finding a rental car for the time it takes to get your vehicle fixed or replaced by parking it in a garage considerably decreases this risk. When you park your car in a garage instead of a driveway, street, or parking garage, you may relax knowing your vehicle is safe.

You’ll Have More Storage Space

Garages are a great place to keep seasonal things, large equipment, or anything else that would otherwise take up valuable living space inside your home. Take advantage of the height available in your garage by installing cabinets, shelves, and other storage systems, all of which can be purchased at your neighbourhood hardware store.


There are different kinds of garages, such as detached, attached, breezeway, garage workshops, garages with an upstairs home, carports, portable garages and carports, barns, and parking style garages. Attached garages are usually made right next to the house and make it easy to get to the car. Attached garages are built at the same time as the house and blend in well with the building. Detached garages can be painted to match the outside siding.

Home garages with an upstairs are great for people who don’t have a lot of money because they offer vertical room and a safe place to keep their car. Portable garages and carports are great for people who don’t want a fixed garage but need a place to store their cars and outdoor gear. They are easy to set up, clean, and last a long time, so snags or tears won’t cost a lot to fix.

Barn garages are great for people who only have one car and need extra storage space. They look like they’ve always been there because their garage doors and siding match the rest of the house. Barn garages are handy because you can get in and out of them without having to open and close a big door.

There are different kinds of sheds, and each has its own pros and cons. By thinking about these choices, homeowners can make an informed decision that fits their wants and tastes the best.

It can be hard to choose the right garage size for your home, but single-car garages are cheap and easy to build. The most common plan is a double-wide with two doors, which gives you plenty of room to park and store things. Triple-wide garages are bigger and cheaper, so they are perfect for larger cars or a workshop.

Styles of garages made of stainless steel, polythene, vinyl plastic resin, wood, and wood are all available. Stainless steel sheds are easy to move and set up, and they don’t rust or fade. Most outdoor gear is made of polythene, and the edges are heat-welded to keep them from coming apart. Wood garages last a long time, don’t rot or attract bugs, and can be painted or stained to fit the outside of the house. Wood garages can be used as a standard garage, a place to keep lawn and yard tools, or a place to get some work done.

Having a garage has many benefits, such as keeping your car out of the weather, making it easier to get to, making it safer, and giving you more storage room. You can park your car safely in a garage, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot or dealing with theft or damage. Also, garages give you more room to store things like seasonal items, big pieces of equipment, and other things that would take up valuable living space inside your home.

Getting the right size garage for your home can help protect your car, save you time and money, and give you more space to store things. Think about the pros of each type of garage, such as how long-lasting it is, how easy it is to use, how safe it is, and what storage options it has.

Content Summary

  • Attached garages are the most common type, often being built simultaneously with the house.
  • Detached garages are separate from the main house and offer the freedom to choose a unique design and siding.
  • Pole barns act as a hybrid between attached and detached garages.
  • Attached garages offer convenient, direct access to the home, which is especially useful in poor weather.
  • Homeowners often turn attached garages into workshops.
  • For larger families, attached garages can be built to accommodate three or even four cars.
  • Detached garages are ideal when the main house doesn’t offer a convenient location for a garage door.
  • Prefab kits for detached garages can save money if building one alongside a new house.
  • Breezeway garages are a compromise, connecting detached garages to the main house via a simple structure.
  • Breezeways offer a dry, protected space to change out of wet clothes when moving between the house and the garage.
  • Garage workshops are perfect for auto enthusiasts and professional mechanics, often featuring roll-up bay doors.
  • Garages with upstairs living quarters are efficient for landowners constrained by municipal laws.
  • Carports offer a simple, uncovered structure to protect cars, consisting only of a ceiling.
  • Portable garages and carports are convenient, temporary options for vehicle shelter.
  • Community associations often require cars and boats to be stored under some form of cover.
  • Portable garages are typically built with bolted frames and triple-layer woven fabric for durability.
  • Barn garages offer a rustic option, with ample storage and loft space.
  • Barn garages can be designed to match the aesthetic of your house.
  • Single-bay garages are cost-effective but offer limited storage space.
  • Double-wide garages with two doors offer convenient access for larger vehicles like SUVs.
  • Triple-wide garages provide ample storage or workshop space.
  • Stainless steel garages are lightweight but durable, requiring no painting or staining.
  • Polyethylene garages are compact but sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather.
  • Vinyl plastic resin garages are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.
  • Wooden garages are versatile, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Wooden garages can be stained or painted to match the home’s exterior.
  • Garages provide protection from weather damage to your vehicle.
  • Having a garage eliminates the hassle of searching for a parking spot.
  • A garage provides an extra layer of security against vehicle theft and vandalism.
  • Garages offer additional storage space for seasonal items or large equipment.
  • Stainless steel garages are resistant to pest damage.
  • Polyethylene garages come with hardware that prevents the structure from wobbling.
  • Vinyl plastic resin garages can last for decades and are resistant to decay and insects.
  • Wooden garages can withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour.
  • The design flexibility of detached garages allows them to be built after the house is constructed.
  • Attached garages are often insulated to maintain the house’s internal temperature.
  • Garages with living quarters above are budget-friendly options for those constrained by space.
  • Portable garages can be quickly assembled and are easy to clean.
  • Barn garages are practical, allowing easy entry and exit without dealing with a large door.
  • Double-wide garages with single doors may be difficult to navigate with large vehicles.
  • Triple-wide garages are economical ways to increase storage or create a dedicated workshop.
  • Stainless steel garages are popular for their quick and easy installation.
  • Polyethylene garages have heat-welded seams for extra durability.
  • Vinyl plastic resin garages come in a variety of colours to match or contrast with your property.
  • Wooden garages are available in pre-cut, DIY kits for easy assembly.
  • Having a garage can extend the lifespan of your vehicle by protecting it from environmental damage.
  • A home garage is a secure place to park, reducing the risk of damage from other drivers.
  • Garages allow homeowners to safely store tools and repair equipment.
  • Installing cabinets and shelves optimises the vertical storage space in a garage.
  • A garage adds convenience, improving the daily routine of coming and going from your home.
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