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Which Garage Storage System Is Right For You?

Investing in a good storage solution can improve your garage’s efficiency. Garages often double as storage spaces for various objects, including cars, lawnmowers, holiday decorations, and tools. However, organising a space amidst these possessions can take time and effort. Here’s where garage storage systems come in handy, with various options based on your specific situation and aesthetic preferences. 

Many options are available, from fixed cabinets to adjustable modular shelving. Here, we’ll delve into garage storage systems, discussing their features, benefits, and considerations so you can choose the best system for your needs. Get your garage in order and make it work for you instead of vice versa.

How To Select An Effective Garage Storage System

Picking the best garage storage system for your needs requires forethought and preparation. For optimal efficiency, your garage storage system should be customised to your specific needs and the many goods you keep there. Here is a detailed guide on choosing the best garage storage solution for your family’s needs.

Create A List

Check out what you already have in your garage and what needs to be put away. Do you use this storage for sports gear, leisure supplies, or DIY tools? Make a list of everything you need to store before shopping for a system to locate the best possible solution. You may also find things that need to be discarded. In addition to helping you anticipate what you’ll need to keep there in the future, an inventory can assist you in clearing out the garage of things you no longer need or use.

Prepare A Plan

Having tallied everything you keep in your garage, you can begin formulating a strategy. It’s important to map out exactly where and how you’ll store various items in your garage. Consider a sturdy toolbox, for instance, if storing hefty power tools. A cabinet, deck box, or shelf unit may be ideal if you have tennis rackets, basketballs, and other compact sports equipment.

Know Your Options

Garage storage systems come in a wide variety of configurations to best meet your requirements. Noting the material, size, and installation requirements of your garage cabinet and storage alternatives can offer you the greatest indication of what will work best for your garage. Cabinets and shelves of varying depths and heights that share a common design and function constitute a comprehensive garage storage system. There are several shelves and cabinets in a storage system, not just one. 

The smallest systems typically have two or three cabinets, medium systems have four or five, and the largest systems have six or more. Safety cabinets are another option to explore if you need to secure your garage storage. In addition to flammables, these cabinets can store corrosives and insecticides. If your safety cabinet has a locking mechanism, you can use it to keep firearms and fragile goods safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Garage Storage Systems Worth It?

Shelving, overhead racks, and a slatwall hanging storage system will help immeasurably keep a garage organized. Effective garage storage systems that provide a home for everything prevent clutter from accumulating. They also make it easier to keep a garage tidy with less effort.

What Is A Garage Storage System?

Garage wall storage systems come in a variety of forms. The most common types are slatwall, pegboard, permanently anchored hangers and hooks, and wall-mounted track systems. Slatwall is the best garage storage system for your walls.

Why Is Garage Storage Important?

You can organize all those tools and sports equipment in a safe, convenient place. Not only will you be able to find what you need when needed easily, but it will also keep everything out of sight and out of mind for guests and family members who want to see only some of that junk!

Why Is Garage Storage So Expensive?

Your garage is subject to more frequent environmental changes than the rest of your home, requiring more attention to detail in material choice. Additionally, if you plan to hang heavy items such as a bike, you may need to purchase heavy-duty hooks, driving up the bill even further.

How Deep Should Garage Storage Be?

The depth of your shelves may depend on what you plan to store and how much space you have in your garage. Garage shelves typically range from 12 to 24 inches deep.

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Different Garage Storage Systems

If you want to get your garage in order, the following are some storage options.

Freestanding Garage Cabinets

Your garage storage options will be greatly expanded by adding freestanding cabinets. Because they are freestanding, you can easily rearrange your garage by relocating these cabinets to other locations. These cupboards have deep shelves on the interior, perfect for storing anything from sports gear to tools to random knickknacks. These cabinets include self-closing doors for added secrecy and security.

Even though they don’t have to be attached to the wall, freestanding garage cabinets can still benefit from hardware or tip-over restraints to prevent them from toppling over if you store heavier items on just one side.

Wall-Mounted Garage Cabinets

A garage wall cabinet system has the same useful features as freestanding cabinets but frees up more floor space. To maximise storage potential, place smaller containers or totes behind wall cabinets. Shelving and doors are standard features, and some wall-mounted cabinet systems also include a pegboard or a small countertop for added convenience.

All-In-One Garage Systems

Invest in a complete storage solution to maximise your garage space. This choice provides the greatest flexibility regarding storage space since it comprises several different cabinets, shelves, tool holders, and pegboards. Keeping the floor clear is a primary goal when designing a garage storage system. Thus, cabinets and shelves are typically installed on the walls. These systems are built to last and are not easily broken or worn out because they are designed to hold heavy tools.

Sizes Of Garage Storage Systems

Check each shelf’s total weight capacity and weight capacity before deciding on a garage storage solution.

Small (Height): If you don’t need to store many things or want your cabinets to be less intrusive, compact garage storage cabinets under 36 inches tall are a fantastic option. Small garage cabinets are in two distinct forms: wall-mounted and freestanding.

Medium (Height): Moving up to medium-sized cabinets can provide the extra room you need if your storage needs are modest. Garage cabinets with medium dimensions are between 36″ and 72″ in either the horizontal or vertical plane, allowing you to choose the best dimensions for your garage.

Tall (Height): Over 72 inches, tall garage cabinets give you the most storage space in the ceiling. You get one tall cabinet and several smaller cabinets coupled to the system in these storage solutions. Most tall garage cabinets are wall mounted because their design maximises storage capacity by placing upper cabinets over a workstation and lower cabinets.

Narrow (Width): You can store many tools, sports gear, and leisure things in these cabinets, but they will only take up a little room in your garage.

Average (Width): The typical garage cabinet has enough room to store all your garage necessities. Your 36″ to 72″ widths provide ample space for storing tools, auto parts, and other garage supplies. A cabinet of standard width can easily address the storage problems in a regular-sized garage.

Wide (Width): Larger garages and a high volume of storage items call for the extra space provided by cabinets measuring 72 inches or more in width. The garage storage cabinets are long enough to accommodate various sports gear, yard supplies, and tools.

Materials For A Garage Storage System


One of the best materials for garage storage cabinets is steel. As a result, your steel storage unit will last many years and resist rust. Steel is also a good choice because it can withstand the weight of bulky items like power tools, weights, and yard equipment typically stored in garages.

A wide range of steel cabinet strengths (gauge sizes) is available. The steel cabinets’ thickness and weight determine their respective gauge sizes. Cabinets made from 20- to 24-gauge steel are the thickest and strongest available, making them ideal for storing tools and other large objects. Cabinets made from 14 to 18-gauge steel are strong enough to store lightweight tools, seasonal decorations, and sports equipment.


Melamine construction gives factory-made wood cabinets the durability necessary for use in a garage. They can support and hold heavier tools and other garage equipment, but their materials are less durable than steel. Pick wood cabinets wisely to last the test of time in your garage, which is an outdoor space.


Plastic garage cabinets are also a great option because they are durable and won’t rot or deteriorate like wood. They are not as sturdy as steel cabinets and can’t support big loads, but they will keep your tools and recreational equipment safe while you store them in the garage.


Garage cabinets can also be made from resin, a synthetic substance. Garage cabinets made of resin are a good long-term investment because they are more durable than plastic cabinets and won’t rust.

Features Of A Garage Storage System


Install shelves inside your storage cabinets to maximise your garage’s storage potential. You may avoid clutter and make it easier to discover things by storing them in separate categories on the shelves. If your cabinet has height-adjustable shelves, you can modify the arrangement to your satisfaction and make room for higher goods.


Drawers in garage cabinets facilitate the storage and retrieval of various objects. Drawers give you extra storage space and make it simple to keep your equipment in a flat, easily accessible position.


A lockable cabinet in your garage is a great way to keep your belongings safe. A lockable cabinet can provide peace of mind to hide things from prying eyes or secure them while you’re away.


Cabinets with wheels on the base are a convenient addition. Cabinets with wheels make it easier to relocate them should you need to rearrange your room.


Having garage cabinets that are already assembled makes it easier to get everything where it needs to be. Get your garage storage project off the ground right away with ready-to-use components.


A Slatwall is a useful storage solution for hanging smaller goods like helmets and gardening tools. Include this as part of your garage storage cabinet setup to keep everything in one convenient location, including bulky stuff that won’t fit in cabinets.

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Advantages Of Putting Up Garage Storage Systems

A garage storage system may be the answer if your garage is a mess. You may put everything away in a secure and easy-to-access location. You can choose cabinets and shelves that complement your interior design and are built to last. Make better use of your garage by installing bespoke storage solutions. Cabinets and shelves provide convenient storage and quick item retrieval. Find out why you should organise your garage and its seven other benefits.

De-Cluttering Your Space

A chaotic garage can make locating essential items a cumbersome task. Utilising custom storage solutions offers a structured approach to organisation. Not only does it enhance the efficiency of the garage space, but it also contributes to keeping the entire home neater.

Elevating Aesthetics

Opting for a tailored storage system installed by professionals can significantly revamp your garage’s ambience. With a myriad of cabinets and drawers available, one has the liberty to select designs that resonate with their personal style, thereby enhancing the garage’s visual appeal.

Enhancing Safety Measures

Unorganised tools leaning against walls or scattered on the floor pose safety risks, potentially damaging vehicles and valuables. Organising these items in secured cabinets minimises such hazards. Moreover, hazardous substances like paints and cleaning fluids can be securely stored away, reducing risks to both the property and its residents.

Boosting Property Value

Prospective homebuyers often consider a well-maintained garage a valuable asset. Incorporating sturdy, visually pleasing storage units can therefore add a selling point to your property, potentially elevating its market value.

Safeguarding Valuables

Investments such as generators, air compressors, or high-end tools require special care. Customisable, lockable cabinets serve as a secure space, shielding these items from the garage’s typically harsh conditions—dust, dampness, and the potential infestation of pests.

Optimising Space Utilisation

Custom storage solutions such as cabinets, shelves, and drawers enable a more effective use of the available space. This allows for the accommodation of more vehicles, bicycles, and tools, making the garage a more versatile area.

Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

Garages are no longer just parking spaces; they have the potential to be converted into functional workshops. With custom cabinets that can be modified to suit various needs, you can establish a well-organised workshop, making the garage a multipurpose space.

The Need for Professional Organisation

Without a well-thought-out organisation strategy, keeping a garage tidy can be an overwhelming undertaking. Should your garage resemble a disordered jumble of items, considering a custom storage installation may well be the next logical step for an effective organisational overhaul.

By focusing on these aspects, homeowners can transform their garages into safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance both lifestyle and property value.


Putting money into a garage storage system can make it more useful and give you room for things like cars, lawnmowers, holiday decorations, tools, and more. There are many choices, such as fixed cabinets and modular shelves, that can be moved around. To choose the best garage storage system, think about your wants and how you like things to look. Make a list of the things you need to store and a plan for where and how you will store them.

There are many different kinds of garage storage systems, with boxes and shelves of different depths and heights. Most small systems have two or three cabinets, most medium systems have four or five cabinets, and most big systems have six or more cabinets. For protection, you can also think about safety cabinets.

There are many ways to store things in the garage, such as independent cabinets, cabinets that are attached to the wall, and all-in-one systems. Freestanding cabinets have deep shelves and doors that close on their own to make them safer. Small containers or totes can be stored behind wall-mounted cabinets, which frees up room on the floor. All-in-one garage systems give you the most storage room options because cabinets and shelves are usually put on the walls. These systems are built to last and are made to hold heavy tools.

Before picking a garage storage system, think about how much each shelf and the whole system can hold. There are different heights: small, medium, and tall. There are also different widths: narrow, normal, and wide. Steel is a good material for garage storage boxes because it can hold heavy things like power tools, weights, and yard tools. Melamine is used to make wood cabinets, while resin is used to make synthetic cabinets, which are more sturdy and won’t rust.

A garage storage system has shelves, drawers, locks, wheels, boxes that are already put together, and slat walls. Shelves make it easy to organise and store things, and drawers give you more room to store things and make it easier to find things. Cabinets with locks give you protection and privacy, and cabinets with wheels are easier to move. Pre-assembled cabinets make it easier to put everything in its place, and slat walls are good for putting smaller things like helmets and gardening tools.

A garage storage system can help you get rid of clutter, improve the look of your space, make it safer, increase the value of your home, keep valuables safe, make the most of the room you have, and create a space that can be used for more than one thing. Custom storage solutions, like cabinets and shelves, match the style of your room and are made to last. These ideas make the garage work better, make it easier to store things, and make a well-organized workshop. By using a well-thought-out organisation plan, homeowners can turn their garages into safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing places that improve both their quality of life and the value of their homes.

Content Summary

  • Investing in a good storage system can increase the efficiency of your garage.
  • Garages often serve as storage spaces for a range of items, from cars to lawnmowers.
  • Various storage system options exist to suit specific needs and aesthetics.
  • Choosing the best storage system requires careful planning and consideration.
  • The first step in planning is to create a list of items that need to be stored.
  • An inventory list can help identify items that may no longer be needed.
  • Once the list is ready, you can formulate a strategy for storage.
  • Different types of items may require different storage solutions, like sturdy toolboxes for power tools.
  • Garage storage systems come in multiple configurations, including size, material, and installation requirements.
  • Comprehensive garage storage systems typically consist of multiple shelves and cabinets.
  • The smallest storage systems may have two or three cabinets, while larger ones can have six or more.
  • Safety cabinets are useful for storing hazardous materials and securing valuable items.
  • Freestanding cabinets offer flexibility and can be moved around easily.
  • Deep shelves in freestanding cabinets can accommodate a variety of items.
  • Tip-over restraints can prevent freestanding cabinets from falling over.
  • Wall-mounted cabinets can help save floor space in the garage.
  • All-in-one systems offer the most storage flexibility, combining cabinets, shelves, and pegboards.
  • Weight capacity is an important consideration when choosing shelves.
  • Small garage cabinets, under 36 inches tall, are less intrusive.
  • Medium-sized cabinets are ideal for those with modest storage needs.
  • Tall cabinets provide maximum storage space and are often wall-mounted.
  • Narrow cabinets are space-efficient yet can hold many items.
  • Standard-width cabinets can solve most storage problems in regular-sized garages.
  • Wide cabinets are suitable for larger garages with more items to store.
  • Steel is a durable material choice for garage storage systems.
  • The gauge size of steel cabinets indicates their thickness and weight-bearing capacity.
  • Wood cabinets can be durable but are generally less robust than steel.
  • Plastic cabinets are durable and rot-resistant but have a lower weight capacity.
  • Resin cabinets offer durability and won’t rust over time.
  • Installing shelves inside cabinets maximises storage potential.
  • Drawers facilitate the organised storage of various small items.
  • Lockable cabinets provide an added layer of security.
  • Cabinets with wheels make reorganisation easier.
  • Pre-assembled cabinets speed up the installation process.
  • Slatwalls are useful for hanging smaller items.
  • Installing a garage storage system can help declutter your space.
  • Custom storage solutions make your garage more organised and efficient.
  • Well-designed storage systems can improve the aesthetic appeal of your garage.
  • Properly organised storage can enhance safety measures by reducing hazards.
  • A well-maintained garage with good storage can boost property value.
  • Lockable cabinets safeguard valuable items from harsh garage conditions.
  • Custom storage solutions optimise space utilisation in the garage.
  • The garage can be converted into a multi-purpose space with proper storage.
  • Professional organisations can overhaul a messy garage effectively.
  • A garage storage system allows for quick and convenient item retrieval.
  • A good system can help store hazardous materials safely.
  • Cabinets and shelves should be built to last, withstanding dampness, dust, and potential pest infestation.
  • Investing in good storage solutions can enhance both your lifestyle and property value.
  • Garages have the potential to be functional workshops when well-organised.
  • A good garage storage system turns a chaotic space into a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
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